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Sunday, 2 December 2018

NEW MUSIC ALERT: King Plu - "How Deep" Ft. Mikel (Prod by Spellz)

From the music to the artwork which was designed by King Plu, you can pick up on the subtle and not so subtle messages. The innuendos and undertones are endless and exactly what he had in mind when he created this piece. "As you gaze, let you mind run free. That’s the beauty of art and music that incites".

The chorus was beautifully crafted by the amazing Nigerian singer/songwriter/guitarist “Mikel” with melodious vocals that keep your yearning for more.

"Plu" speaks to a female he is drawn to and tries to pick her brain with his witty lyrics and crafty metaphors delivered with panache and a touch of arrogance
We saved the best for last; the production/instrumentation done by world renowned afrobeats producer "Spellz" is nothing short of a masterpiece with African drums and percussions guaranteed to move your hips and set fire to your feet.

“How Deep” is sensual, sexy, it’s about emotions. It’s about love, lust, and the root of all evil;  Love of Money. It is a conversational piece between two.
Wants versus Needs, physical versus mental, sexual vs sensual. There’s always a grey area where something that is sensual to one may be sexual to another.
How deep is your love, Is it Love, Is it Lust?

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