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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Hear Censodd's New Single, "Detty Fiona"

The best Afropop songs are able to appeal to the romantic emotions without being engaging enough to distract from the dance rhythm. Thanks to the familiar and lightweight beat Sprng produces for “Dirty Fiona”, Censodd’s heartfelt performance on his sultry new single gets sunlit into a charming dance tune. The rocksteady pace of the piano led mix of synth harmonies, vocal samples, guitar harmonies and a catchy Afropop drum riff that cuts through to add some bounce of the rhythm is easy to get into. But it stands at a direct contrast to Censodd’s lyrics which remain googly-eyed romantic as he alludes to an eternal love; “If You Slow Down, I’ma Be Your Last Ride/ And We Go Settle Down”. Fortunately, the song’s catchy melody takes precedent over his demanding lyrics.

You can stream “Dirty Fiona” below.

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