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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Listen To Tekno's New Afropop Single Dedicated To The Government, Better"

Despite his reputation as a hitmaker who serves dancefloor audiences with lightweight songs designed to keep everyone in a pleasant mood, Tekno doesn’t miss a moment to lament over the state of the country, and muse as to how we can move forward. Previously a standout single from his purple patch of 2017, “Rara” was a rallying cry to Nigerians to “forget about the big things” and “invest for your country, and make it a better place”. His latest release, “Better”, takes a more rebellious approach, calling for all men to stand up to the powers that be. It is particularly poignant, as the Lagos State Police Command managed to find the time in their extremely busy schedules to launch an investigation into Tekno’s involvement in a publicly-shot music video featuring dancers.

The catchy mid-tempo mix of sweeping synth harmonies, tin pan drum riffs, clap samples and percussion harmonies offers shelter from Tekno’s cheerless performance, lamenting the harsh reality of the average Nigerian while praying for a better tomorrow. Singing “They Go Do Like Say Them No Know Say Food No Dey/ They Go Do Like Say They No See Say Road No Good Oh”, Tekno seems to blame politicians for the hardship before going on to suggest somethings that could help improve the standard of living. With the good intention of the song appealing to the basic needs of Nigerians, “Better” takes Afropop to a familiar place that’s dark and desperate, sure, but also anthemic and radiantly catchy.

You can stream Tekno’s “Better” below.

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