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Monday, 4 November 2019

3 Reasons to Release an Album

Thanks to streaming, the music industry is growing again, with more music consumption happening than ever before. And while there's a lot of talk about this being the Age of Singles, now is still a good time to release a full album. Here's why:

1. The sheer number of singles being released every day means the album is a more powerful tool for getting press and creating a story around your music.

2. While singles are a great release strategy for building buzz, all the digital platforms still prominently feature album releases over singles.

3. It's tough to merchandise a single, but an album launch is an event worthy of selling all kinds of things: CDs, vinyl, cassettes, t-shirts, posters,...

Oh, and lastly, Standard Album distribution through CD Baby is just $29 right now!

That gets your music everywhere it needs to be: not just platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, but 150+ other streaming services around the world. That includes Tencent, a new CD Baby partner who'll ensure your songs are available to more than 75% of streaming subscribers in Mainland China.

And we haven't even talked about other music monetization methods that are INCLUDED with Standard Distribution:

  • Sync Licensing
  • Your songs in Instagram Stories
  • Social video monetization on YouTube and Facebook
  • And more

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