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Monday, 4 November 2019

Rebecca Winter Talks Style Of Music, Creative Process & New 'Rare' Album

We were opportune to sit down with the beautiful UK/Nigerian Singer to discuss coming from a Nigerian home, the ever busy music industry and more.

Recently, she gifted her fans with a brand new EP she titled 'Rare'. Compiled of five songs, the project was short but sweet as the singer exhibits her talents by delivering her soft vocals over the smooth but upbeat instrumentals. On the majority of Rare, Rebecca goes it alone but we do see appearance from Jinmi Abduls on “Farable”, as well as Doktor who comes through with a playful verse on the concluding track, “Show Dem”.

She gives Toyo further insight into the new EP and the challenges she faced whilst recording the Rare project. From her view of the UK music industry to her creative process of writing. 

How were you able to convince your parents that you wanted to go into circular music?
I didn’t really try to convince them. I just aimed to show them how well I’m doing and that’s what convinced them.

How has being from a Nigerian home shaped your style?
It’s allowed me to remain grounded and disciplined with everything that I do/write about.

Why is it difficult getting into the music industry?
There are a lot of people who want it just as much as you and also most things aren't what they seem so there really is no cheat code. Everything is trial and error.

What’s something you learned early on in your career that made you better artists?
Consistency is the key

Who are the next big female artists you’re currently obsessed with?
Tems Baby & Cheryll

Have you experienced situations where you feel you were treated as a lesser artists simply because of your gender?
Yes lol every other day.

What’s a wardrobe staple for you at the moment?
A pair of clear heels
What musicians would you love to work with in the future?
Burna Boy, Beyoncé , Wyclef Jean, Chris Brown & Tiwa Savage.

In 10-20 years time, what do you want the legacy of Rebecca Winter to be remembered for?
Positive influence especially in regard to female artists and self love.

What interests you about the Uk music industry?
It’s very diverse.

Do you have a set process when you’re writing?
Nope, depends on the beat. Sometimes I pre write other times I freestyle on the mic.

What inspired the brand-new Rare EP?
Africa and the Caribbean, my roots and good vibes.

What challenges did you face whilst recording the EP and how did you overcome them?
A lot of disappointments but I just prayed and continued.

Do you think African female musicians need to work harder than their male counterparts for the same recognition?
Yes, unfortunately we do otherwise we are rarely taken seriously.
Follow Rebecca Winter:
YouTube Page

Be sure to listen to 'Rare' in its entirety below.

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